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You’re only seconds away from receiving Maverick: the preeminent training on creating Intellectual Property for your business at record breaking speeds.
Here's What You Get Immediately:
  • A proven map through the “4 layers of learning”. Pass through these and you will obliterate “blank page syndrome” and create masterful content at every turn
  • ​What to do if you want to produce consistent, engaging and valuable content for your audience (WARNING: the answer might be hidden right beneath your nose...)
  • The “Authority Frame” that hands control of your prospects’ decisions over to you… WHILE they feel in complete control of themselves (This is the most powerful way to guide them past their own limiting beliefs)
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The first product I bought was their productivity pack. This also included their training for their morning formula, and EOW.

My life has not been the same since. I have produced more and improved more then I could have ever on my own. My mindset has changed! The way I engage with others and the world is different. I have the mindset of a champion!


Products are awesome for overcoming your mindsets that hold you back. I've been broke my whole life, so even small amounts of money seemed like way too much to me. That kind of thinking was keeping me from asking what I'm worth for what I provide.

I'll be signing up for Client Kit ASAP.

Highly recommend.


The best of the best. I can honestly say I’ve gotten 10x the value from these guys than any college course, or any other course or program I’ve ever taken for that matter. T&F is the real deal and I highly recommend all of their products and services. Don’t hesitate if you get a chance to work with these guys especially if you are a coach, consultant, or service provider!