Calling all Coaches, Consultants & Expert Service Providers . . . 

Ready to Scale BIG but keep running into the same “people problems?”

This is the leadership breakthrough you’ve been waiting for

Discover how to lead at a higher level from an expert that has scaled multiple million dollar businesses . . . 

So you too can build a rock-solid team, create an irresistible culture, and focus on long term growth that makes an impact.

You’ve already built a thriving business . . . 

Now you’re faced with a new set of obstacles, the kind most people aren’t equipped to handle...

building a bigger team and managing people.

The good news? 
You don't have to wing it.


Levels of Leadership 

The ultimate leadership training for anyone looking to level up and take their team and business to new heights.

Inside you'll learn...

  • How to build an irresistible company culture and the fascinating reason why we’re obsessed with ours
  • The secret for getting the RIGHT people hired and why we always have a Visionary and Integrator on the team (especially when building a new business unit)
  • The three categories of expectations that can absolutely destroy a healthy team (and how to steer clear of them)
  • Why accountability from the top down is the best approach and why it’s always the leader’s fault first (sorry, guys!)
  • How to avoid the breeding ground for conflict and drama by creating better social boundaries that support positive collaboration for your team
  • Why comparison isn’t always “unhealthy” and how you can motivate your team to strive for optimal results (even in your absence!) 
  • How fun actually impacts your bottom line - keep your team invested, engaged, and shooting to win by maintaining a healthy “producer” culture
  • Why you need to keep an extra tight circle - who you talk to about your business can have a MASSIVE impact on your success
  • The best way to deal with the weakest link - we’ll share the #1 personality trait we NEVER tolerate on a team (how to spot it and what to do about it!)
  • How to master the two levels of delegation that will allow you to remove yourself from the equation and focus on what fires you up instead!
  • Why you should unpack the risk and reward at every stage of a project - lead your team with greater cohesion (and avoid problems ahead of time!) by assessing obstacles at the start and end of any project

PLUS so much more! 

Prior to now, this training was invite-only for our elite mastermind students . . . 

Individuals that paid 5-figures to gain access to these life & business-changing methods. 

But this training is so good and SO powerful, that we decided we can’t keep it to ourselves any longer . . . 

After helping thousands of business owners transform their “people problems” into rock-solid teams with the capacity for greatness, we’re opening it up for ANYONE looking to take their leadership & business to the next level. 
And because we want to help as many people as possible, we’re practically giving it away for the insane price of just . . .



We Even Cut Out the Risk With A 100% Money Back Guarantee
In business, there are plenty of times to take a risk. You’ve done it countless times by now! But this isn’t one of those times. 

If you aren’t completely blown away by Levels of Leadership, we don’t want your money. Period. 

Create a support ticket by clicking here  or call our support team at (615) 953-9536 and we will refund you ASAP. 

We’re confident you’re going to gain so much from this training. But if that isn’t the case, reach out and let us know. Your satisfaction is worth the risk. 

Our trainings are leading the industry...

"Two very dedicated and impressive talented experts who really do not grasp the magnitude of what they do for others...”


"You guys are WORLD CLASS marketers...”


"What you've built in such a short amount of time is incredible... you put the work in, and you've done it the right way.”


Let’s Break It Down...

Here’s EVERYTHING you get in this powerful hour and a half leadership training:

  • The crucial insights to stop feeling like a hesitant boss and become an assertive leader with a solid plan to manage people effectively and with impact
  • How to take your thriving business to the next level when you uncover how to create an irresistible company culture that leverages accountability and mutual respect
  • What it takes to branch out from life as a solopreneur with confidence and start building a powerhouse team that will scale your business to greater heights
  • How to launch new business ventures with confidence and navigate rapid growth periods with a cool head and a solid plan
  • The tools to effectively manage relationships, expectations and build momentum when you have the skills to step out as a leader that inspires 
  • PLUS even more!

***For a limited time, we’re also throwing in this amazing bonus on the house to up your leadership game even further!**

⬆Exclusive Bonus: Visionary Leadership: $97 FREE!⬆ 

A never before seen video training from Taylor on leveling up your vision personally and professionally. You’ll walk away with a clear vision of how to manifest your big-picture goals and drive your team towards high-level success. 

That’s $294 worth of life-changing leadership training for just $20...

All protected by a Lifetime Money-back guarantee.

It’s literally a no-brainer. 

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