Ready to move past 2020's shenanigans? 

We’re about to turn the page on one heck of a year... and we can’t think of any better way to celebrate than by offering you the single greatest bundle in T&F history!
Straight from the T&F “Vault”, We’re Bustin’ Out Everything You Need to Reckon With 2020's Nonsense and Take Serious Ground in 2021... FAST.
Master EVERY skill you need to get clients & quickly scale your client business 
past $10k/month+...

Grab over $6,300 worth of our best trainings and “client only” resources… for over 85% OFF MSRP
Hey there, friend. It's Taylor here...
Every New Year’s eve millions of people can’t wait to say “sayonara” to the past... and “Hello!” to a brand new start…

And while I won’t bore you with the past year’s recap (everyone knows what 2020 was like lol).
I think you’d agree, that people are more excited 
then ever this year.
And that’s why I knew I had to break out this insane bundle for you today…

Because even though I fully believe in your ability to be successful and overcome all odds - no matter what situations you face…
I do know that this pandemic has taken a terrible toll on millions of innocent people.
So whether you faced a life-altering loss  or simply experienced a year of unprecedented ups and downs…

Now is the time to reckon with the disappointments of the last 12 months...

And show 2020 that no matter what it threw at you...YOU are not going to be defeated.
This is no time to sit back and accept defeat... There are still limitless fortunes for you in 2021.
Because every single loss, hardship, and broken dream you faced last year…

Are about to be the very things that thrust you into breakthrough success over the NEXT 12 months.
How can I be so sure?
Well, Just like a bow needs to be pulled back and experience massive tension before it can launch an arrow to its target…

Many of us need to be tested, proven, and strengthened before we can strike our goals.

SO - take heart friend, stand fast, and get ready to launch into 2021 with a momentum like you’ve never experienced before!

And to help accelerate your success...
I’m equipping you with the exact same resources and trainings that our private clients leveraged throughout all of last year…
Empowering them to stay at the top of their game, sail past their income goals, and fortify their own businesses for success.

It’s all inside this special one-time offer that will:
  • Give you the tools and resources to kick things up about 10,000 notches in your business…
  • Allow you to provide for yourself & your loved ones AND supersize your impact on the world around you...
  • And positions you so that you’ll be on its leading-edge!
The team and I have pulled together 7 of our best trainings and resources... 

PLUS exclusive access to dozens of never before seen “private access” modules - reserved entirely for our high ticket clients…

NO ONE has seen these trainings for less than $12K before...

But in just a few moments, I'll reveal  how you can start implementing the same coveted secrets that our private clients are using to scale past $10K, $50K and $100K/month+ with ease!
we’ve packaged them all up together at a ridiculously low price for you.
I can almost guarantee that if you apply any ONE of these trainings to your biz, you will boost your cash flow this week and for months and years to come... (no matter what 2021 and beyond holds). 

And all of them together? ... Let’s just say I’m handing you a money-and-impact generating machine and all you have to do is plug it into your business.
Here’s What You Get In This 1-Time Package Exclusively For T&F Community Members
Start Charging MORE and Working LESS...

The Packaging Blueprint

Start Charging MORE and Working LESS...

The Packaging Blueprint

[MSRP: $97]
[MSRP: $97]
I’m going to hand you (on a silver platter) the exact 4-Step packaging blueprint that thousands of our private clients have already used to get permanently “unstuck”...
By packaging a scalable, high-ticket offer that allows them to work with fewer clients… achieve better and faster results for those clients… and finally, charge high-ticket prices… 
In this training you’ll learn:
  • Module #1: Extracting Your “Who, What, How” - Isolate your one perfect client you love to serve, focus down on contributing the one result your perfect client can’t refuse & optimize the “how” so you can slash the hours you work.
  • Module #2: Expert Positioning - How to Become Valued as the Only Viable Solution for Your Perfect Client’s Most Painful Problem
  • Module #3: Structuring Your High-Ticket Package - How to Build a Clear and Concise High-Ticket Package That Allows You to 10x Your Pricing, Without Adding More Work
  • ​Module #4: Offer Presentation - Getting Rejected On The Phone? Follow Our Closing Script to Enroll New High-Ticket Clients With Ease
Essentially, you’ll discover everything you need to start charging high-ticket prices, streamline your client fulfillment, and breeze past your income goals with minimal effort… 

Now that is already seven of our most valuable trainings and resources packaged together for you...a collection worth well over $2,140…

But I told you I was going to blow your socks off with this bundle right?

And as good as all that is... I’m not even close to being done, because:
Attract Quality Clients WITHOUT Spending a Dime on Paid Ads...

Newsfeed Authority


Newsfeed Authority

[MSRP: $97]
[MSRP: $97]
Want to get your hands on the same “organic” (i.e. non-paid) client acquisition framework our clients rely on?

News Feed Authority shows you how to book your calendar solid with qualified prospects who are excited to work with you…without any ads or cold pitching.
It’s a proven, step-by-step roadmap for:
  • Attracting your dream prospects in droves…
  • Winning them over…
  • And enrolling them into your program…
With more ease than ever before.

This is the single best way to bring in new clients before you have resources to invest in ads. 

And many of our clients decide not to run ads at all because their organic is pushing them beyond their targets.
Transform Ice Cold Prospects into Hungry Buyers With...
Transform Ice Cold Prospects into Hungry Buyers With...

The Copywriting Masterclass

The Copywriting Masterclass

[MSRP: $499]
[MSRP: $499]
Being able to write effective marketing and sales materials is the #1 SKILL every business owner MUST possess.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to spend years studying the craft of copywriting and becoming a top professional...but you do need to know how to write emotionally-compelling messages that drive someone to take action…
Whether you:
  • Write your own copy that gets sales...
  • Or you need to be able to gauge the work of any pro you might hire…
With these trainings, you’ll not only get inside the minds of our badass in-house copy pros…
You’ll also learn from legendary, A-list copywriter David Deutsch, who we invited to impart his decades of wisdom to our Elite students…

There have been significant industry changes in the last couple of years that require some nuanced adaptations in copywriting…with these up-to-date trainings, you’ll discover what it really takes to write winning copy in TODAY’S market.

There’s literally ZERO way you can watch these 4 trainings — a full 5 hours and 24 minutes of material — and not immediately begin hammering out better ads, organic posts, emails, and sales letters… and in half the time.

Legendar Copywriter

These Copywriting Masterclasses were intended for our ELITE clients only, which means people have paid $40k/year for them…

But today we’re making them available as part of this one-time reckoning offer.
Write “Cash Collecting Copy” Even Faster!

Turbo Templates

[MSRP: $97]
This is an exclusive collection of our top-performing 10X Paid Ads, 10X Emails and 10X Organic Posts - delivered as templates you can swipe and deploy immediately.

All designed to help you start producing those “Cash Collecting Ads” even faster...
Simply read the original to “get a feel for it”... then fill out the easy-to-follow template. 

That’s literally all there is to it.

With these in your arsenal, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to knock out a quality ads, emails and posts in as little as ten minutes.
Accelerate Your Growth and Avoid Costly Mistakes With...

3 Years of INSIDERS ACCESS Back Issues (Digital)

Accelerate Your Growth and Avoid Costly Mistakes With...

3 Years of INSIDERS ACCESS Back Issues (Digital)

[MSRP: $249]
[MSRP: $249]
When wolves are hunting caribou in the frozen north, they don’t wade through the deep snow…

The lead wolf finds the path made by the caribou, and the rest of the pack follows in his tracks. 

Consider Chris & me your lead wolves.
We’ve found the path to limitless clients, revenue, and business growth, and for the last 3 years we’ve been leaving a clear path for you to follow through the Insider’s Access “memos”.

Each month, we put out an 8-10 page report where we share lessons, problems we’re solving, things we’re testing, biggest takeaways from clients, book notes, and much more!...

If you’re a consultant, coach, or running any kind of client-based business, this is an opportunity to leverage our:
  • Time...
  • Insights...
  • Testing...
  • ​And Resources…
... to LEAP ahead in your business like a badass friggin’ wolf racing across the tundra! 

Avoid costly mistakes and capitalize on our many incredible wins. Like Charlie Munger (Warren Buffet’s business partner) said:
“The more hard lessons you can learn vicariously rather than through your own hard experience, the better.”
The level of intimate detail we share is unheard of — you won’t get these insights from any rehashed and regurgitated “online marketing” training.

And with 3 years’ worth of monthly issues in the archive, you can dig through the lessons we’ve learned along the way to where we are right now.

In April 2017, when we started the Insider’s Access “memos”, our revenue for Traffic & Funnels was only $200-300k per month. At this point, we’re clearing over $1MM each and every month. That’s not by accident.

There are specific recipes, massive mistakes to avoid, strategies that work, tactics that no one else is using… so much exclusive knowledge has made it into the memos over the years!

We've made every mistake you can think of, so these issues are easily worth tens of thousands of dollars to your business.

This is a literal treasure chest of 3 year’s worth of hard-won business lessons... I sure wish I’d had these when we were starting out. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished, and I’m so glad we decided to document the journey so you can follow our tracks.
Discover Our Most Actionable Tactics and Proven Strategies For Winning In 2021...
Discover Our Most Actionable Tactics and Proven Strategies For Winning In 2021...

Elite Live Virtual Gold Ticket

Elite Live Virtual Gold Ticket

[MSRP: $997]
[MSRP: $997]
Every 3 months, a handful of elite business owners and entrepreneurs gather together in Nashville TN for Elite LIVE…

These clients of ours gladly pay over $21,000 to be in our program... PLUS an extra $1,000 just to attend these live, 2-day events…
...where they hear from Me, Chris, and a swarm of A-list presenters like... 

Jay Abraham, David Deutsch, Kevin Rogers, Eli Wilde… in addition to the world-class team running our in-house marketing, sales, and client fulfillment.

However, when you grab this exclusive Reckoning Bundle, we are including a Gold level - virtual ticket to the next Elite LIVE event (Jan 21-22, 2021).

This ticket is an all-access pass to attend every live training, participate in every Q&A session, and absorb every secret that we dish out to our own private clients…

All without paying the $21,000+ price tag to become a client, or the added fees of travel, hotels, and meals out…
PLUS - Get instant access to 6 insanely valuable bonuses included with your Gold ticket...

Paris Elite Event Recordings

($4,997 Value)

We are handing you some of the most valuable recordings in our arsenal - a series of videos from a private event we hosted in Paris, featuring the “21 BILLION Dollar Man”, Jay Abraham.

Offer Building Masterclass

($997 Value)

This masterclass shares a simple (yet powerful) framework for creating an irresistible, high ticket offer. Opening the door for you to RAISE your prices and IMPROVE your client’s experience.

Ad Copy Masterclass

($147 Value)

Over 2 hours of us methodically tearing apart our best ads...showing you WHY they work... and how YOU can do the same with your own ads.

Outcome-Based Goals Training

($97 Value)

Optimize your success after the event with our exclusive goal setting and goal smashing training. (Directly responsible for over $20MM in revenue at our companies).

Productivity Pack

($97 Value)

The “productivity frame-work” used by our own team and private clients to transform anyone from an unorganized, unfocused, procrastinator into a lethal, laser-focused producer.

Morning Formula Training

($49 Value)

Normalize growth, vision, and exceptional results with this daily visualization training.
These virtual tickets are selling for hundreds of dollars right now...

But today, you are getting it for FREE as part of this bundle.
Grab The Modern-Day Consulting Playbook for Getting Clients & Getting Paid...

The Consultant Next Door (Digital Edition)

Grab The Modern-Day Consulting Playbook for Getting Clients & Getting Paid...

The Consultant Next Door (Digital Edition)

[MSRP: $19]
[MSRP: $19]
Imagine if you had the opportunity to sit down for an afternoon with two multi-millionaire consultants and ask them anything you wanted...

Would you even know what to ask? Would you blow the opportunity altogether?

Or would you ask them smart questions such as:
  • Why did you choose consulting over other business models?
  • How did you get started?
  • What’s the step-by-step process for crafting an offer people will gladly pay for?
  • ​What exactly do I say when I get a prospect on the phone?
  • ​​How can I enroll more clients while actually raising my prices?
  • ​What would you do to create “leverage” so I'm not stuck working all the time?
  • ​What are all the mistakes you have made in the last 5 years that cost you millions... and how do I avoid them completely?
  • ​​If I want to increase my profits and cash flow - what do I need to do?
The unfortunate reality is: most people will never get an opportunity to spend that much time with even one consultant at that level.

And even if you could, it’d set you back tens of thousands of dollars for just a small slice of their time.

The good news? 

Today you have the rare opportunity to get your hands on the same hard-won wisdom and insights without such a hefty investment because…
This modern-day consulting manual walks you through everything from picking your niche, crafting your offer, and setting your price… 

To getting in front of the right people, getting them on the phone, and then enrolling them as new clients…

And then how to scale things up on your own terms so you can spend plenty of time on what’s most important to you outside of your work. 

There’s no point making so much money if it’s at the expense of enjoying your life, right?
Here’s Where Things Get REALLY Interesting…
You see, one question we constantly get from people in our community is…

“What goes on inside your high-ticket programs?”

One person even said this to a client of ours:
“Client Kit seems like this magical place..where people go behind a curtain for a few weeks, and come out rich!”
lol - that’s honestly gotta be one of my favorite descriptions of our program...but the reality is that there’s nothing magical about Client Kit…
Our clients do come to us struggling, overworked, and earning far less than they are capable of… Aaaaaand...
They do almost always come out of our programs earning $20K, $50K, $100k a month (or much much more…)
That is because everything from our modules, our coaching calls, and our interactive community is meticulously planned out and based on real, results-based strategies…
Strategies that continuously yield real, tangible results for the people who work with us…

But up until today... the ONLY way someone could get a real peek behind the Client Kit veil was to pony up the full price of enrollment (which is no small fee)...
But that all changes today...
Because like I said earlier, it’s time to slap 2020’s shenanigans across the face and take serious ground in 2021…

And I can’t think of a single better way to equip you to do exactly that, than to straight-up give you over a dozen, trainings, worksheets, and modules directly from the Client Kit vault.

Again, NO ONE had ever seen these without applying to become a private client of ours, and paying the full price of enrollment…

But today, with The Reckoning Bundle, you get FULL access to:
4 of Our Most Valuable and Actionable PRIVATE Client Kit Trainings (9 total lessons)
[MSRP: $3,291]
[MSRP: $3,291]
Training #1
Honing a “7-figure” mindset - $97
One of the first things we start every client out with is ensuring they have a winning mindset, capable of hitting the audacious goals they have set.

In this training, you will hear exactly how we have fine-tuned our minds to overcome every obstacle that comes up in our path, and the mindset shifts we had to discover in order to break the 7-figure barrier.

See, the unfortunate reality is that many entrepreneurs think they can will themselves over and above their mental hurdles...when the reality is just the opposite…

Your mind is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal - and it’s critical that you learn how to wield it into submission to your goals.
Training #2
ClientKit™ Module 3: The Accelerated Hyper Organic™ Strategy - $197
The SINGLE most requested strategy by those looking in...

This training is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who wants a simple, surefire way to easily attract high-paying, grateful clients. 

Discover how to leverage your free content into viral ads that attract a steady stream of real, high-paying clients who will love you forever.

Just like these people did in fact…
Training #3
Avatar Builder (Worksheet) - $97
The second thing we help our clients nail down is exactly WHO they want to be serving. 

Having this detail dialed in makes everything else they do go much easier and way faster.

This module includes a 26:00 minute video breaking down the nuances of developing your avatar PLUS a step by step “Avatar Builder Worksheet”...
Training #4
ClientKit™ Module 6: FB ad masterclass - $2,900
With 12 “start to finish” trainings...this module contains everything you need to know in order to set up, review, and optimize highly efficient, winning Facebook ad campaigns. 

You’ll discover:
  • How to get inside your prospects head and effectively target your perfect avatar 
  • ​Echo Targeting - How to Pinpoint Your Most Profitable Prospects And Find Out What They Really Want 
  • ​How to create successful ad images that grab your audience by the eyeballs 
  • ​A step by step class on how to create and launch your own winning campaigns 
  • ​How to write successful ad copy that thrives on the Facebook platform 
  • ​The 80/20 method to optimizing the hell out of your ad campaign
PLUS worksheets, checklists, and much more! 

And if all that wasn’t incredible enough - I have a special surprise included…

Because I know this Client Kit content has the potential to transform your business, I wouldn’t be surprised if you decided to talk to us about becoming a client yourself one day.

So, when you purchase The Reckoning Bundle, your entire purchase price will be instantly credited towards your Client Kit enrollment! 

That way, if you do decide that’s something you’re interested in, then you’ll already have a massive leg up on getting started.
There you have it...
Traffic and funnels
(Offer ends at 11:59 PM CST on Saturday, January 2nd 2021)

There’s over $6,400 worth of value packed into this deal

...  yet you get EVERYTHING I listed above for just a single payment of $949 (or 4 monthly payments of $250)...

But only until 11:59PM CST on Saturday, January 2nd, 2021
There is so much value here for such a ridiculously low investment, even our marketing team was pumped about it!
But I don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Try it out for as long as you like, risk-free...


Yeah, you read that right. No tricks or fine print. I want this to be a total no-brainer for you. 

So you’re either completely and utterly thrilled with this value-packed collection of trainings, or I insist you create a support ticket or call my support team at (615) 953-9536 and we’ll refund your order...

Even if it’s a couple years from now!

I’m willing to shoulder that risk because I’m so confident in the value you’re getting today. Much of this has only been available to our private students, and some of it only to our ELITE clients.

But Just to Make Things THAT Much More Valuable…

I want to give you this FREE BONUS gift...

The Million Dollar Month 

[MSRP: $997]
Last year, Traffic and Funnels hit a major milestone - surpassing ONE MILLION DOLLARS in revenue in a single month…and we’ve gone on to do so every month since. 

In this legendary training, Chris Evans breaks down some of the most advanced and nuanced concepts that allowed us to break the seven-figure/month barrier, and how continue to do so every single month.
Here are some of the highlights in this training:
  • Introducing the “Inverted Mental Model”
  • ​​How to protect yourself and stay on course
  • ​​The CLAP Framework
  • ​How to correctly setup “feedback loops” (crucial unless you like burning money)
  • The indicators FB is now actively looking for to judge where to place your ads, how expensive they become, and the 3 specific areas you need to reduce friction)
  • ​A Game Plan for if you had a budget of only $100/day
  • ​BONUS - ​70 minutes of brilliant Q&A from a room full of successful coaches, consultants, and service providers.
It would actually be hard for you NOT to get at least a 10X ROI. This bundle covers all the bases — sales, traffic, copy, offers, client fulfillment, mindset, and everything in between.


I want to give you a SECOND FREE BONUS gift...

The State of Email Marketing 2019-2020

[MSRP: $1,000]
Now, it's no secret that email marketing, when properly leveraged, can be one of the most powerful tools for the modern business.

That's why our marketing team took the time to break down and analyze what worked best for us in the last two years and put all together for YOU in a series of Google Data Studio reports.

We show you our top performing subject lines by open rate and click rate, break down our averages and present all the data so that you can look and (hopefully) learn from what we've discovered!
These emails have been single-handedly responsible for over $2 MILLION in revenue. Pretty valuable if you ask me.

To quickly recap for you...

When you take advantage of this offer today, you’ll receive digital access to:
  • Start Charging MORE and Working LESS (Packaging Blueprint - MSRP: $97) 
  • ​Attract Quality Clients WITHOUT Spending a Dime on Paid Ads (Newsfeed Authority - MSRP $97) 
  • ​Transform Ice Cold Prospects into Hungry Buyers With (Copywriting Masterclass Bundle (MSRP: $499) PLUS Turbo Templates Bonus (MSRP $97) 
  • The Consultant Next Door: The Modern-Day Consulting Playbook for Getting Clients & Getting Paid (Digital) ($19) 
  • ​Accelerate Your Growth and Avoid Costly Mistakes With (3 years of Insider’s Access Back Issues - MSRP $249) 
  • Discover Our Most Actionable Tactics and Proven Strategies For Winning In 2021 (Elite LIVE Gold Ticket MSRP: $997) 
  • ​Grab The Modern-Day Consulting Playbook for Getting Clients & Getting Paid (The Consultant Next Door: The Modern-Day (Digital edition) - MSRP $19) 
  • ​4 of Our Most Valuable & Actionable PRIVATE ClientKit Trainings - 9 Video Lessons in All (MSRP $3,291) 
  • ​The Million Dollar Month ($997) 
A total value of over $6,400...
All for $949...or 4 monthly payments of $250)!
(You’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to everything, except of course the upcoming Elite LIVE event and future issues of Insider’s Access, which you’ll receive monthly. Duh.)

Remember, if you want to take advantage of this sweet deal... you need to jump on this right away. Once the clock hits 11:59PM CST this Saturday, January 2nd, 2021 this offer goes away FOR GOOD.

You won’t see it again... and some of these trainings may not even see the light of day again outside of our high-end client programs.

And remember - if you choose to upgrade to Client Kit (our flagship program) at any time in the future...this entire purchase will be credited towards your enrollment fee.

So what are you waiting for? 

Go ahead and take advantage of it right away. Click the button and secure your order now before it goes away.
(Offer ends at 11:59 PM CST on Saturday, January 2nd 2021)

You may be wondering...

Who is this bundle ideal for?

If you want to run more profitable ad campaigns, write better copy, close more clients on the phone, multiply your productivity, earn more per client, deliver even better results for your clients… this is for you.

Will I get anything physically shipped to my address?

No. This bundle is entirely digital so you can dive into whatever you like right away (except the future issues of Insider’s Access, which you’ll get digital access to monthly).

Will this offer be available again later?

No. Once it expires at 11:59 PM CST on Friday, January 2, 2021, that’s it. This may be the one and only opportunity to access some of this content outside of our ELITE program.

There’s a LOT here and I don’t know if I have time to go through it all?

You’re getting LIFETIME access to this material: our best stuff on paid traffic, copywriting, sales, offer creation, mindset, productivity…

Simply start where you’re at, apply something you learn, and go from there. Do NOT try to eat the elephant all at once.

What happens after I order?

As soon as your order goes through, you’ll receive an email with login credentials to the member portal (check your tabs/spam if you don’t see anything)...

All of your content will become available immediately (again, except future issues of IA).

I already own some of these but still want the rest of the bundle...

Give us a call at (615) 953-9536 or hit us up through the support chat (which you should see in the bottom right corner of the screen)... and we’ll help you get the best deal.

Will I be charged for anything after today? Is there any continuity hidden in here?

If you opt to pay in full, there will be zero further payments. If you instead choose the payment plan option, you’ll pay $250 today, with 3 further installments of $250 every 30 days.

To make this offer a no-brainer, there are NO continuities. If you’d like to renew Insider’s Access before it expires, we’ll send you the details for how to do that. Otherwise, do nothing and they’ll expire on their own.

What are the terms of the money-back guarantee?

It’s a full money-back lifetime guarantee. No conditions. No fine print. 

If for some unlikely reason you don’t LOVE this value-packed collection, create a support ticket or call my support team directly at (615) 953-9536 and we’ll refund your order. 

Simple as that. Even if it’s years from now.
(Offer ends at 11:59 PM CST on Saturday, January 2nd 2021)